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  • Tuesday 29 January, 2019 Back to All Events

    Afternoon Tea and Talk with Member, Mark Blackburne:  Crowning Glory, a History of the Tiara


    £20 per person, to include a chilled glass of Cava, talk

    & afternoon tea

    Event commences at 2.15pm, Afternoon Tea served post
    presentation at 3.45

    ‘By ticket only’


    Further Information

    Since antiquity woman of power, influence, and social position have had their prestige proclaimed with exquisitely crafted circlets of precious metal and priceless gems, metaphorically (and quite literally) crowning their glory. From the golden diadems of Ancient Greece to the glittering coronets of the Georgian and Victorian era, through to the breath taking diamond tiaras of La Belle Époque and beyond, these stunning jewels have both embodied and declared royal majesty, aristocratic ambition and unrestrained glamour.

    Many have not survived, sold, lost, or broken up as tastes and fortunes change, but those that have remain to tell a unique story and serve as a glittering window onto a vanished world of privilege and power.

    Join Mount Stewart’s Mark Blackburne as he explains the historical importance of this dazzling art form together with the surprisingly strict etiquette that still governs the wearing of this most decadent of headwear. This informative and entertaining talk will be brought to life with glittering replicas of historically important pieces, with the opportunity to maybe try on for size and perhaps for just a second or two imagine what it was to have access to such decadent splendour.