Established 1885

An Afternoon Tea with Member, Mark Blackburne, who will give a talk on Victoria; Grandmother of Europe


Event commences at 2.15pm, Afternoon Tea served post presentation at 3.45pm
£20 per person, to include a chilled glass of Cava, talk & afternoon tea
‘by ticket only’

Other Information

Through her marriage to her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha Queen Victoria had nine children and forty-two grandchildren, all of whom married into various Royal and noble families across Europe. This deliberately engineered marriage brokering was designed not only to create an elaborate web of blood-based political alliances but also promote the institution of constitutional monarchy in an increasingly turbulent and revolutionary continent.

To this day the head of nearly every Royal family and princely house in Europe can claim direct descent from this rather short, frequently difficult, but fiercely self-assured soldier’s daughter, who by an elaborate twist of fate found herself Queen, and later Empress of the largest Empire the world has ever seen.

Join Ulster Reform Club member, Mark Blackburne, as he takes us through the pages of one of the most fascinating family albums in history and guides us through the complicated web of European Royalty where descent from this long-dead little Queen is still proclaimed with pride.