Established 1885

Guest Speaker Luncheon with Mr Eamonn Mallie


Members and guests sit down for luncheon at 1.00pm, followed, at approximately 2.10pm, by Mr Mallie's talk

£27.50 per person

‘by ticket only’

A ballot will be held in favour of Mr Mallie's nominated charity


Cream of Vegetable Soup, fresh Bread

Garlic & Herb Roast Pork Loin, Apple Cider Gravy
Chef's Selection of Vegetables & Potatoes

freshly ground & brewed Coffee

Other Information

Eamonn Mallie is an award-winning journalist and a regular contributor to discussion programmes on television and radio both at home and abroad, an experienced political editor specialising in politics, security and art.

He has interviewed President Clinton, John Major and Nelson Mandela amongst others. In the television series “Face to Face” Eamonn spent thirty hours with Ian Paisley over a period of six months and stated that he admired Paisley as a human being and an individual. On the other hand, he found Margaret Thatcher and Charlie Haughey extremely rude and evasive.

A fluent Irish speaker and a graduate of Trinity College Dublin in Gaelic and Spanish, Eamonn has recently published a book of poetry, “Under the Tilley lamp”.

In addition to reporting on current affairs in Northern Ireland he has authored several books particularly on the mechanics and narrative of the peace process.