Established 1885

Horatio’s Garden – Light Lunch


Members and guests sit down for luncheon at 1.00pm, followed, at approximately 2.10pm, by Member Catherine Champion from the NI Horatio’s Garden Committee.

£25 per person

‘By ticket only’

A ballot will be run with the funds raised donated to Horatio’s Garden.

Other Information

Horatio’s Garden is a national charity creating thriving garden projects in NHS Spinal injury centres. We are very excited about bringing a stunning rehabilitation garden to Northern Ireland’s Spinal Injury centre which is at Musgrave Park Hospital.

The garden will be the seventh for the charity and over the last 10 years we have developed an expertise in designing gardens for patients with life changing mobility issues in the heart of challenging NHS spaces. We run these spaces as nurturing sanctuaries providing complementary activities for patients and their families who face difficult time and long stays in hospital.

Olivia Chapple is a former GP and founded the charity in memory of her son Horatio who was tragically killed aged 17 on a trip to Svalbard when his camp was attacked by a polar bear. The first garden was Horatio’s idea and we have now created a vibrant legacy in his name with lots of momentum.

In the last two years, since Covid, we have all focussed on nature as a source of support to get through tough times and this collective experience has widened the interest in gardens and health.

This talk will be about gardens and wellbeing, the experience of Horatio’s Garden and give some insights in to the project in Belfast.

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