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Thank You

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THANK YOU MONDAY 3 SEPTEMBER, 2018 0Comments I would like to express the profound gratitude of all at Ulster Reform Club for the efforts of NIFRS in the calamity that beset Belfast City Centre last week.

I would also like to extend appreciation to PSNI for their part in securing the area during this time, especially Inspector Eastwood for permitting access, and the “nice” but who did not want to be recognised as such, officer (I do apologise for not asking your name) who accompanied us to the Club to secure the building on Tuesday evening.

My sincere thanks to all Management Committee, Building Company directors and all Members who have offered their support, and our leader, Alex, for his continued telephone support despite being on annual leave.

We gained access to the building on Thursday morning and thanks to all my colleagues for donning, as our President Wells termed it, their “potting shed clothes”, approached the Clubhouse and spent many hours preparing the premises for business.

I have special thanks for all who supported us on Friday 31st August 2018. The event in the Antrim Room who insisted “if you are open, we will be there”, “Panicking PH” and family – I really hope that you enjoyed your day, our regular Friday attendees who turned up in numbers and a member of the Thursday Club who appeared on a Friday. You know who you are! You have no idea how much your support touched us. THANK YOU.

Ulster Reform Club, albeit a little bit smoky, is open for our Members and guests and is very glad to be able to say this.

See you soon.


Photo: This image(taken by Mr Michael Copeland) shows that our entrance is outside the cordon.