Established 1885


A guideline to the operation of the Club and the behaviour of those using the premises. This should not be considered as the rules of the Club. A copy of “Rules and Constitution” is available in the Members’ section or by contacting the General Office.

1. Evening Functions

For evening events, the minimum number attending is thirty-five persons. However, lesser numbers may be accommodated; please contact the general office for details. Menus and numbers attending functions must be confirmed in writing, at least one week in advance. The Club will charge for the full numbers confirmed, except where numbers increase, which will be charged accordingly.

2. Booking Club Events

Reservations for Club Events, e.g. President’s Dinner, will only be taken with advance payment. Members may pay for and secure places at these events in the General Office, or by telephone, giving your credit card number, whereupon your booking will be registered.Early booking is recommended for all events and cancellations within 72 hours of any event will be charged in full, unless the place(s) can be filled.

3. Members

Reciprocal Members - hereafter referred to as “All Members”, may use the Club Premises on each day on which the Club is open or at such other times as the Management Committee, acting within the Club Rules, may determine.

4. Rooms

The rooms which are generally available are:

First Floor: Dining Room, Reading Room & Bar

Second Floor: The Cabin, Boardroom & Antrim Room

Third Floor: Old Billiard Room

Fourth Floor: Snooker Room & Business Room

Fifth Floor: Fitness Suite

5. Meals

Lunch is served in the Dining Room, Monday to Friday 12.30pm to 2.30pm. Hot beverages, scones, etc., are served in the Reading Room, Monday to Friday 9.30am to 3.30pm. Table reservation for the Dining Room is always recommended and should be arranged with the General Office.

6. Beverages

The Bar is open from 11.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, or by arrangement with the General Manager for pre-arranged functions.

7. Mobile Telephones and Electronic Devices

In order to avoid disturbance to other members, you are requested to place all devices on silent whilst in the Club.

Mobile phones and all digital communication devices may be used for illustrative purposes only, not including audio or video clips, in the Dining Room, Members’ Bar and Reading Room. Verbal communication may take place outside of these main Club rooms.

8. Bags & Baggage

Luggage, bags, briefcases and the like must not be taken into the Dining Room. Handbags may be placed out of sight under tables in the Dining Room.

9. Dress

All Members and their guests will be expected to be properly dressed in smart business attire at all times when on the Club premises. For example, Gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and long-sleeved shirt with collar.

Ladies should dress in smart separates, elegant dress or business attire.

Casual wear is unacceptable; examples of which are leather clothing, denim-type material, polo shirts, tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts, sporting tops or trainers.

Overcoats, bags and umbrellas should not be taken into the public rooms of the Club. These should be placed in the cloakroom or stands at the bottom of the main staircase.

The General Manager, or senior member of staff on duty, has been authorised to act as arbiter on whether a member or guest is appropriately attired to satisfy the Club conventions.

10. Tipping / Gratuities

The Club as with all like-minded institutions runs a policy of ‘no tipping’ for staff. Accordingly, no member or their guest shall give any money or other gratuity to any employee of the Club, at any time.

The Staff Fund, which is distributed at Christmas each year, may be contributed to throughout the year, via the following methods;

a. the General Office

b. when settling an invoice