Heritage Timeline

A synopsis of important events in the 130 years of Ulster Reform Club.

  • 1880

    Planning for the future

    A plan is formulated by a group of Ulster Liberals to build the Ulster Reform Club

  • 1885

    Open for business

    The Club opens its doors

  • 1890

    Let there be light

    Electric lighting is introduced to the Club building

  • 1923

    A sound investment

    A 'listening wireless set' is installed in the club library

  • 1953

    A new beginning

    merger of the Union Club (formed in 1837) and Ulster Club (formed in 1857)

  • 1955

    The only way is up

    A lift is installed in club and inaugurated by the President

  • 1982

    One of a kind

    Ulster Club merged with Ulster Reform Club

  • 1994

    Ladies and gentlemen

    Lady members admitted to the club for the first time in it's history

  • 2002

    The digital age

    The first version of the Ulster Reform Club website launches

  • 2005

    Changing times

    Mrs Maura Riordan is elected as the first ever lady president of the club

  • 2009

    Going down in history

    The Ulster Reform Club 'Past and Present' is published detaling the history of the club from 1885