Established 1885


There are currently circa 830 members of Ulster Reform Club, and applications from potential new members are welcome. Applications for membership must be made using the standard form as agreed by the Management Committee.

Candidates are required to be proposed and seconded by two existing Members of the Club who have known them for a significant period. If you wish to apply for membership but are not sure that you know two existing Members, please contact the General Manager.

Following consideration by the Management Committee, candidates’ names will be posted on the main notice board where they will remain for a minimum of one month before going forward for election by the Management Committee.

Upon election to membership the new member will receive an invoice for both the joining fee and subscription, only upon payment of this invoice shall the candidate be considered a member.

Every Member shall be deemed an Ordinary Member (Town) unless the Member satisfies the Management Committee they be eligible for another Membership Category.

Should you have any queries concerning the above please do not hesitate to contact the General Manager for further clarification.

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2024 Fees

Entrance fees:

Family Associate entrance fee: £100 + VAT = £120.00

Other entrance fee: £250 + VAT = £300.00


Ordinary Member (Town) : £500.00 + VAT = £600.00

Ordinary Member (Country): £300.00 + VAT = £360.00

Ordinary Member (Overseas): £300.00+ VAT = £360.00

Ordinary Member (Senior): £300.00 + VAT = £360.00

Ordinary Member (Country London): £750.00 +VAT = £900.00

Junior Member: £300.00 + VAT = £360.00

Family Associate Member: £150.00 + VAT = £180.00